Strategy, IT Project Management

Strategy planning very important to achieve your long term or short term business goals. Proper planning is like a roadmap for other processes and directs the business to move in a right direction. Once you have strong & clear strategy, evaluate to make sure you have the infrastructure, talent, and resources needed to accomplish your goal. When you need help identifying any procedures, inefficiencies, or obstacles that can prevent success, our experts provide assistance.

Today, an enterprise's use of information technology is crucial. IT now plays a major role in the creation of many industries' goods and services, serving not just as a supporting role in automating repetitive processes and enhancing process effectiveness.

Our Approach:

  1. IT and business integration: we start by reviewing the mission, vision, goals, and strategy of the company.
  2. Current State: Through a combination of online user surveys and in-person interviews, we evaluate the present IT applications portfolio, evaluating each main business system according to its significance to the company, its real management value, and its technical excellence.
  3. Strategic vision: Our IT strategy experts investigate which cutting-edge technologies are most significant to your company's operations and should be considered for implementation.
  4. IT Roadmap: It offers brief summaries and cost projections for all of the key IT roadmap projects. New business application systems, IT capabilities, infrastructure upgrades, organisational changes or restructuring in the IT industry, process improvements in the IT industry, governance frameworks in the IT industry, and risk management programmes are all examples of strategic projects.

IT Project Management:

Our IT programme and project management team ensures effective project execution across sectors by using the appropriate methodology adapted to your project, a culture of cooperation, an adequate feedback system, and a long-term sustainable strategy.

Our team has high expertise in below PMO platforms:

  • J2EE Full Stack
  • Azure /.Net Framework .Net
  • SAP® Hana
  • Big Data
  • Informatica
  • Cognos
  • Mobile /Artificial Intelligence

We provide intelligent solutions for connecting people, processes, and technology through our integrated service management.


Onsite resources

Our capacity to work onsite at your location allows you to utilize in-house resources in conjunction with our temporary resources.

Problem Solving Approach

Our skilled IT project leaders will supervise your projects from planning to execution.

Effective and Efficient

Our IT project experts will create a plan of action to increase productivity and efficacy.


Do you work onsite?

Yes, we our team of IT professionals work onsite and help the inhouse team to excel, there by increasing the efficiency in the project

What is your approach in Project management?

At Arka systems, businesses can experience simple, pragmatic and problem-solving approach every where. We understand the business goals and the process to deliver you the best strategy and plan